First class shipping is always free within the U.S.

Orders usually ship out within 3-4 days after order is received, some even earlier.


International shipping(to anywhere) is $16USD+$1 per additional item, and will be shipped 'First Class International'.

Based on our experiences, int'l shipping takes roughly 10-12 days depending on where its going.  Tracking is not currently available, but shipping numbers are given to manually track via your local post office should there be a usps-based delay.  We have yet to lose an international package sent to a customer via usps.

[You will not be reimbursed if a package is sent to the wrong address due to you having an old or unknown address set as your main paypal shipping address, nor if customs rejects it;  it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws in your country.  If you need your package to be labelled something in particular to aid in its clearing customs, please leave a note and we will be happy to oblige]


If choosing to pay via Bitcoin or other digital currency:

Same price as above, but with a 10% discount
[it will be automatically added to your invoice]

[ to request digital currency invoices]


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