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Now at the shop: Sunifiram+CholineSunifiram+CDP Unifiram+CholineUnifiram+CDP S/Uni Duo+CholineS/Uni Duo+CDP Coluracetam+CholineColuracetam+CDP Also until the end of the year use this code:  2014WOOT for 10% off your entire order <3 Thats all for now brainiacs enjoy the remainder of your year;  naked blends and brain spikes coming in January!-t:D<3


Back in the Saddle “FINISHED OPERATION” Hello users, welcome to [animalpharm] Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support during the madness! <3 Its been an insane couple of months;  Aside from the move, two other issues hit us at the same time, which has been pretty interesting. -Firstly, ebay removed all…