about us

Welcome to [AnimalPharm], the epicenter of a science present-future approach to smart-drugs, inspired by hard sci-fi, transhumanism and gaming culture, backed with decades of scientific studies, lab-tested for extremely high purity, and made in fresh microbatches upon order.

Our goal is to continuously conjure up and offer new blends to the menu and concepts to the lab, and pass them along to you.

Think of us as your local Midgar cyberpunk apothecary, or your fallout waste-wandering merchant.

We’re the short-order cooks that feed all the Noise Tanks in Benten-Cho their chemmy breakfasts, complete with flickering neon sign outside the alleydiner door.

We currently carry several Character-themed blends.  They are all strong and purposeful.


Thanks to direct input from users, there is now a variant for each blend.  These are different takes on the same concepts and pathways.[a racetam, a fuel source, and an all-in-one stack.]

The kusanagi variant is StandAloneComplex,

The tetsuo variant is Kaneda,

And the regen variant is PhoenixDown

We also have NEARLY NATURAL, an adaptogenic beast thats main focus is restoring, balancing and regenerating the numerous systems of the body, with a few nootropic effects on the side.  it contains 8 different plant extracts and 1 plant-based noot derivative and triggers a ridiculous cascade of positive effects.

Along with our beastly blends, we also have the more moderately dosed ‘REBOOT‘ line, single and dual compound capsules in measured doses so you can try new things in a pure state before stacking them with other compounds.

Farther into the future are blueprints for a fun ‘POWER-UP’ line, a developing interest in liquids as a way of ingestion…

[like this]

…and continuously looking into new compounds and techniques on the bleeding edge of the nootropic front.

All users, self-experimenters and psychonauts alike are heartily encouraged to contact us to let us know what sorts of compounds you’d like to see in the future, ideas for blend or line concepts, questions, stacks and regimens, comments, concerns, new datasets, internet high-fives, ninja kicks, etc etc etc.

We have and will continue to have the strongest capsule-based stacks you will find, period, and we will never hide the ingredients as some proprietary blend bollucks.

We are the forerunners of the hi-dose.

Come now, lets do this evolution.