Hey there!  Where’s my order?

Hey there yourself! All APh orders are made after you order them; We aim to have orders out to the post office within 3-4 days of being ordered, some go out earlier depending on time available. Everything is shipped 1st-class, which takes 3-5 days to be delivered. So all-in-all the turnaround for your order is roughly 1 week.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit, debit, paypal, bitcoin and a handful of other cryptocurrencies.

Do you ship outside the u.s.?

Yes, we ship anywhere with an address.

How much is shipping?

Shipping within the U.S. is free.

Our international friends generally pay a flat rate of $16 + $1 per additional item, which will be shipped ‘First Class International’. Some locations on Earth are more costly to ship to.

Based on our experiences, int’l shipping takes roughly 10-12 days depending on where it’s going.  Tracking is not currently available on international orders, but shipping numbers are given to manually track via your local post office should there be a usps-based delay.  We have yet to lose an international package sent to a customer via usps.

[You will not be reimbursed if a package is sent to the wrong address due to you having an old or unknown address set as your main paypal shipping address, nor if customs rejects it;  it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws in your country.  If you need your package to be labelled something in particular to aid in its clearing customs, please leave a note and we will be happy to oblige]

Are these compounds legal?

Yes, everything we carry is legal in the U.S., and theres very large amounts of data on each one that you or anyone can check into. Pubmed, Examine, Longecity, Scihub and good ol Wiki are a few great resource portals to a huge number of research papers and psychonautic experiences.

How can I trust that you make quality products?

We have a five-star ebay store with 600+ positive feedback and plenty testimonials from happy users. All compounds are tested to ensure the highest purity available.

All AnimalPharm products are made, to order, by hand.  They are not pressed in a machine and stored in a warehouse forever.

We also use no filler of any kind in any of our products, which has allowed us to generally dose our caps higher(more appropriate dosing using fewer capsules), than others.

We’ve been in the space since 2013, don’t carry anything we haven’t used extensively, and know our suppliers personally.

What are Brainspikes?

Brainspikes are options to augment your caps by adding selected additional compounds to each capsule. The dosage of selected Brainspikes are low enough(~1mg) to enable their addition to blends without displacing any of the original formulas. The current Brainspike options are vitamin B-12(as Methylcobalamin) and Methylene Blue. When selecting these Brainspikes, 1mg of the chosen compound will be added to each capsule during the blending process, allowing users to fine-tune their choices in upgrades depending on their own projected requirements.

How does a subscription work? Why should I subscribe? (coming soon)

Like you might think- Once you subscribe to a blend or other product, you’ll be sent that product regularly for as long as you stay subscribed to it.

It’s cheaper, faster and easier. For us, the ability to telegraph exactly how much product needs to go out helps us to fill orders much more efficiently, so your order is as fresh as it can possibly be without you having to wait as long for someone to conjure it up. For you, it’s fresher, costs less and shows up in a tighter window.

It’s Win Win (Win).