[Animalpharm] will be taking an extended hiatus beginning NEXT FRIDAY(JULY 20th), due to an out-of-state move.  All orders made before then will be sent as usual, easy peazy.
When we started APh, we never intended for it to become a business, and always aimed to simply provide a service to help speed up the maturation of the field, first by simply making a wider variety of compounds accessible at a better price, and later by designing our own blends from the ground up that rival the best brands in the space today.  Over the last five years, noots have become more readily available to entry-level users than ever before, and we’re proud to have played a small part in that.
We believe in guided evolution and we’ll continue to be alongside you in your journey into the future, but this path has been lit, and forerunners must do as forerunners do;  Run ahead to future unknowns and light a path through the darkness there.
We’d like to thank:
NewStar, NewMind, PowderCity, GaneshaHerbs and HealthyLifeSupply for keeping us stocked with quality compounds for our entire duration, and for walking the razor’s edge of fringe regulation alongside us through our journey.
Examine.com, NCBI/Pubmed and Reddit for the incredible resource of near-limitless information.
The countless Psychonauts inhabiting the threaded libraries of Longecity and Bluelight;  Gwern for all of his useful study in the field.
R.U.Sirius and Queen Mu for “MONDO 2000”, my first introduction to the concept of “Smart Drugs”, Douglas Rushkoff for “Cyberia“, along with his descriptions of Earth Girl’s club concoctions.  Katsuhiro Otomo for Akira.  Masamune Shirow for Ghost in the Shell.  Squaresoft for Final Fantasy.  Sega for Jet Set Radio.  Peter Chung for Aeon Flux.  Hunter Thompson, Warren Ellis, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell and Alan Moore for inspiration.  Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin.  GLaDOS for superior customer service.  Grinding.be for being where the biohackers played.  Mainframe Entertainment for Reboot, and for not suing us.
All [AnimalPharm] Users, past and present, for your collaboration in fine-tuning blends along the way, and for all of the things you’ve done and continue to do with your augmented neurochemistry to affect the world around you.  I believe this project to be a net positive for the world overall.
We will return with a more broad evolutionary portal that will lay out the future ahead of us, including Nootropics, Biohacking, AI, AR/VR, Cryptography/Distributed Systems, Pod-Monasteries, Cybernetics and Prosthetics, eSports, Avatarism, Psychedelia, and enough Art and Philosophy to keep it all together.
Until then,
Do enjoy your upgrades <3

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