Staying ahead of the future shock

Good Morrow Denizens of our New World, I hope this transmission finds you well. You may have noticed that ebay wiped all of our listings (again) recently, this time was presumably as a response to the looming threat of CA AB 3262(a bill requiring online marketplaces to assume liability of all listed items), and i’m sure it was more efficient for them to just remove swaths of listings than to go through each one individually and manually decide.  The bill has since been squashed for the year, so we’ll be relisting over the next week and see if they ban us.

Everything else is business as usual aside from the ongoing global cyberpunk apocalypse, the shop is still here as always(we’ve recently included Stripe as a payment processor), and we’ll spin up the OpenBazaar/Haven storefronts on dedicated machines this week to give people another option, because thats what crypto is for after all.

Also since we’re all here we might as well let you know that we’ll (finally) be carrying Aniracetam capsules starting next week.

Thats right, we’re completing the tri-force of racetams:  Piracetam, Oxiracetam and Aniracetam.  The three towers of power responsible for so much(all other racetams, the firams, idra-21 and more, so lets give it up for Aniracetam, and to us, and to you, because theres enough to go around).

Until then, say hello and let us know what you’ve been up to the last six months here at animalpharm@mail.com or on our twitter @animalpharmone.

We’ve been out here in the wastes for a while, and are ever-prepared. New projects on the horizon, as always.

Take care and enjoy :D<3


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