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Return of the Forerunners

Hello Brainiacs, we have returned.

-cleaned up all listings
-label facelift/redesign
-added MB brainspike(finally)
-fight juice
-mentats and head grease(reboot trickle from mentats)
-10% off for the next week

-cleaned up all listings
Merged and separated listings for navigation ease, grouped and(mostly) alphabetized reboots

-label facelift/redesign
Redesigned labels/graphics, increased fonts slightly and streamlined across lines

-added MB brainspike
Finally added a Methylene Blue brainspike option for all blends and reboots.  Adds 1mg MB per cap.

-fight juice
Waiting on 2 more items to arrive to start extracting our next blend:  the ‘fight juice’ project, a ~50/50% ethanol/water-based tincture based on traditional martial arts hit wines that are used to heal the body and ease pain after extreme body conditioning.  Hit wines are used to heal bruises, tonify blood, regenerate tissue, cleanse/protect organs and more.

There will be two separate versions upon release;
A traditional version that uses a few toxic herbs in its preparation, and is thus only used for external injuries, eg on bruises, unbroken skin, for pain etc-

-and a new formula in which we’ve pulled the toxic herbs out, replaced them w comparable healing herbs, then added a few extra herbs that have more nootropic effects.  The new formula can be used in the same way the traditional preparation can, but it can also be used on cut or broken skin, and can be drunk as well for an herbal-ethanol roundhouse kick to your healing factor.

Fight juice will take roughly 5 weeks from now to be fully prepared.  Every single batch will be soaked in solvent and extracted for at least a month before being made available to users.

After fight juice has been released and we stabilize supply, we’re going to jump from ancient times back to the future as we intend to pick up a couple magnetic stirrers and begin producing C60oo.  Its a few months off so its on the downlow, but if you know what it is then you can expect it this year, and at competitive prices.

Much of the work done on the cart/listings has made our inevitable migration to shopify easier.  After fight juice etc we’ll address this.

One of the reasons we plan on migrating carts is to accept cryptocurrencies easier and in-cart, as well as have an easier time integrating the cart into other things.  As for right now, we accept BTC, ETH, DASH and XVC.  We will add [animalpharm] addresses for each currency once we have wallets w updated chains on them, in-house.

-mentats and headgrease

Mentats will release after all of these other items above are handled.  Mentats will be Aniracetam based, which i’m sure will make many users very happy.  Fun fact;  Aniracetam is by-far the most requested chem here at animalpharm.  I know, its a conspicuous absence, but no longer!  Mentats will have a few new compounds, which of course means they will trickle down into solo and dual reboots as well.

As Mentats has an Aniracetam base, and Ani is fat soluble, headgrease will be a healthy oil-based superfood blend that can be used alone or in conjunction w Mentats to release its fatty bits.  They will be released simultaneously.

Consider [animalpharm] to be back in active development.  2017 new site and big changes.  Lots of new things until then.

Have 10% off for the next week because we love you <3

Enter code “NEUROPUNK” at checkout for 10% off of everything!

Thats it for now folks, we hope you enjoy the changes and news, hurray!


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