Oh, hello there, I didn’t see you come in.

As a Nootropics company on the edge of regulation, usual olde-guard giants like credit payment companies and newer gen 1 consumer-internet silos like ebay and amazon like to make it particularly difficult to maintain visibility. E-commerce sites regularly sweep out nootropic listings in a seemingly arbitrary manner, and payment processors tend to do the same.

Fast foward to cryptocurrency, which doesn’t have any of the above pitfalls, and you can see why it’s the future of commerce and self-banking for nonstandard individuals and conglomerations alike.

Below is our new OpenBazaar store. You can get anything there that you can get in our normal shop, and you can pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Zcash, right now.

Download the OB market software here.

(Our store address is ob://Qmb2W3B5wuBqjkEaXtboS5zqp4GTWDUVxKEa6BcCLYC9ek)


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