week long hiatus

Week Long Vacation!

Bonjor to all you wonderful psychonauts this fine day!

It’s been a while since a post, so I figured i’d drop a line 🙂
For the next week or so we’ll be doing some things to the site, so products will be going up and down and in and out until its all done.
We’ve almost received all the constituents for a brand new liquid blend that i’m very excited about-
More on that after the site charge-up!
It is Monday the 18th today, we should be back up and attem’ by the 25th!  Take care and enjoy!
During this weeklong effort, we will still be accepting orders and shipping them out this weekend, in about the same timeframe as usual, maybe an extra day or two (some items may or not be up on the site at any given time, feel free to contact us at any time at [ANIMALPHARM@MAIL.COM] with any issues!)

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