10 percent baybee alcho gelcaps CoAs updated nooalcho gelcaps oxiracetam and choline blend are back oxiracetam is back PURPLETUESDAY

10% off until TUESDAY chaps and lasses!

Bonjour Users, now that all that crazy, terrible friday stuff is over and done with..

Have a surprise, to celebrate purple tuesday, a holiday I just made up!

Enter code “PURPLETUESDAY” for 10% off everything until TUESDAY

A few quick update notes:

1.  All CoA’s have been updated

2.  NooAlCho(Noopept/ALCAR/Choline) caps from here on out will be capped in gelatin capsules to protect them better from the hot and cold fluctuations of transit, so they last longer.

3.  Same goes for AlCho(ALCAR/Choline) blend!  All other reboots remain veggie capped, as well as Nearly Natural 🙂

4.  Oxiracetam solos and Oxiracetam/Choline reboot capsules are back!  Hurray!

Have a fantastic and safe holiday season my fellow transhumanists <3
[grow forever]

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