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[SWARM] is live, and only at [animalpharm]

Bonjour you Fantastic Foxes,
After much time and effort, I am pleased to announce Swarm blend 🙂
(its better than a zerg rush)

But what is this Swarm, you ask?
Ill tell you.

SWARM is an anabolic body blend with a focus on full body tissue generation/regeneration and enhancing fat utilization and endurance during strenuous activity.  It increases the bodies overall metabolism, promotes lean muscle production and further serves as a high-octane superfood and antioxidant.

It cleanses and protects various organs(liver/kidneys/lungs) and supports the various systems of the body(adrenal/immune/respiratory), for when youre in need of the strength of a million insects-

-along with a few octopi and some zombie fungus for good measure.

[Dosage:  1-2 caps, 2x daily]
[for a focus on lean muscle-growth, take with a high-protein meal]

Each capsule contains:

                                                       Cordyceps Sinensis-      (225mg)
                                                       Ecdysterone(95%)-        (150mg)
                                                       Royal Jelly 3x extract-   (310mg)
                                                       Octopamine-                   (65mg)
                                                       Polyrhachis Vicina-        (200mg)

(Chem page has also been updated with info on all new compounds <3)

Naked version will be available in the near future!
[live for the swarm]

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