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Many new things, we brings we brings

Good evening Pharm Animals, i trust youre all making the world a more fantastic place to discover.

To the infoblast!

New Reboots
Piracetam + Piracetam w/ Choline reboots now available by popular request!

IDRA-21 is next on the list, im currently scraping pubmed, forums and reddit for dosing, safety and experience profiles, then we’ll labrat it ourselves for a bit.

CDP En Route
CDP(Citicoline) has been ordered and is on the way, time will tell if it gets here quick or if its held up in customs forever. #fingerscrossed

Price Drops
Price drops Price drops:  Noopept(30mg), Noopept/Choline(30mg/500mg) & Methylene Blue are now cheaper <3

Blast samplers no longer have an option to add Methylene Blue, HOWEVER, thats because both large and small Blast Samplers now come with a bottle of MB at no extra cost to you 🙂

Now that we have smaller caps…
New bottles:  Less to carry, less waste, helps the price droparoo.


Bitcoin etc
Streamlining the Bitcoin process(setting up a coinbase page, their gravatar requirement is a little much, but ill do it for you :D), looking to add DRK towards the end of summer if its launch goes smoothly.

New High-Dosery Afoot
Cog Aug(a blend inspired by Deus Ex) should be available by the end of summer, CDP was a requirement <3

Level up!


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