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Hello users, welcome to [animalpharm]

Thank you all so much for your patience and continued support during the madness! <3

Its been an insane couple of months;  Aside from the move, two other issues hit us at the same time, which has been pretty interesting.

-Firstly, ebay removed all our listings in one swoop, without notice.  We’re not technically violating policies but theres so many variables(their global shipping program has been implemented site-wide, meaning that now there are legal issues with countries that shouldnt even be given the option to buy), that who knows exactly why they were pulled.  We’ve put most of them back up, but theres no way to know if theyll remain.  This is where I reiterate that you should be getting your upgrades straight from our shop anyways because its cheaper and we dont have to answer to anyone except you.

-And second, i understand that a few nootropic companies in the UK&US folded/’pivoted’ due to new regulations, which prompted a fairly large influx of international orders at the same time all this other stuff was piling up.

When it rains it pours they say <3

At any rate, we now have new bodies in the lab, a clean new place to work and the drive of savage animals to get things going hard again.

[So then]
[what does the future hold?]

I’ll tell you.

B-9/12&6 Brain Spike add-on options
We’ll soon be giving you special options to spike your blends with, the first two are a full days worth of both Vitamin B-12&B-9, and the other is a full dose of Vitamin B6

Doses are small enough to lay on top of current blends without losing any displaced powder, which is pretty super duper.

Naked Blends(Premixed powders)
After many, many requests from users, we’ll also be making some of our blends available in an UNcapsulated, pure powdered form.  We’ll release a few at first and if you like them we can certainly give the option to our entire lineup.  This will be targeted to users that wish to make their own mods using our blends as a base, or for people that just dont mind capping their own caps, while saving some bucks.

They’ll be cheaper and be sent out much faster(next day), namely because theres less to physically do.

Trauma Wine/Shaolin Monk Iron Hit Wine/Dit Da Jow
Another addition im personally really excited about is making and carrying traditional Shaolin Monk Trauma Wine, which is an alcohol extracted blend of several(10-15+) herbs, including those used for heat, cool, circulation, regeneration and pain management.

These have been used as rubs/soaks for centuries by martial artists to penetrate the skin, permeating meat and bone alike to both condition the body and heal/regenerate bruising, fractures, fatigue and pain at an accelerated rate.

We will be making this the traditional way, which is to say letting each batch sit for at least a solid month before making it available to users.

This will likely be released once a month, and when its gone its gone-
-until the next months batch is ready of course.

We’ll also be releasing the coveted Medipak, which are complete multistage systems with focused regeneration in mind.

Each complete pack will include traditional herbal healing tablets, a newly designed(by us) regenerative capsule, a drinkable elixir(also designed by us) and a traditional external trauma wine.

No, these are not technically nootropics, however, as Hunter S. Thompson once said:

 [“Kill the body and the head will die.  Crazy shit.”]

Lets keep those bodies alive as well, yes? <3

We’re also working on a blend specifically formulated to be fed into drinks(almost any, hopefully) without tasting like chemical warfare.  There is ongoing r&d for this, as taste is certainly an issue.

Bitcoin should also be working again, again. 🙂
U.S. regulations have changed(yet again) so coinbase needed new merchant info, should be squared away <3

Lastly, i’m looking into setting up a subscription service for regular users.  This will help ensure that we dont get huge clumps of surprise orders at the same time that cut into one another and delay shipping.  This will enable us to better forecast batch production, making things smoother and shipping things quicker.

This will, in theory, work with both fiat and digital currencies.  (USD/BTC/GBP/DRK/ETC)

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