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Naked Blends and Brain Spikes and Migration, Oh My!

Hi there :)<3
There is much info to be had;  Here, have some:
Naked Blends have been spotted in the wild…!
As i trust you perceptive cats remember, ive mentioned releasing our hi-dose blends in pure powdered, capless versions a while back.  These were released specifically for those users asking about using our formulas as a base and tweaking them with compounds already in use in their daily regimens.  On top of this, they can also be easily mixed with beverages, shot and chased, or parachuted directly(depending on your fancy);

Currently Kaneda, Kusanagi and Regen are available, with the rest rolling out over the next couple of  weeks, and we’ll be uploading the most viable beverage pairings as well(for instance, tastewise Regen is best paired with a citrus-based beverage due to its amino acid base)

Brain Spikes
You fancier lads and lasses may have also noticed a B-12 BrainSpike option available for select blends;

BrainSpikes are new add-ons for blends that allow you to tweak and individualize your stacks.  Due to BrainSpikes small active doses(~1mg per cap), they can be added effectively without losing or removing any active ingredients in our current formulas.  Our first release is B-12 in the form of Methylcobalamin, 1mg per cap, or roughly 10x the daily minimum recommended dosage of B-12.

The Methyl version we use here at [animalpharm] is a much more bioavailable version of B-12 than the more-often used Cyanocobalamin, which uses a Cyanide group rather than a Methyl group in the molecule.  This negates the need for the liver to cleave and process any Cyanide atoms, using fewer resources overall to metabolize.

Currently Tetsuo, Kusanagi, Kaneda and S.A.C. have all been given B-12 BrainSpike options, and as with the Naked Blends theyll continue to be rolled out over the next couple weeks(including to Reboots and NakedBlends)

[Brain Spikes are a flat $3 extra per bottle of 50, and $5 extra for a bottle of 100]

Also the next 5 people to use code ‘Spikemybrain‘ during checkout will have their entire order upgraded with B-12 BrainSpikes for free(just buy un-spiked versions as usual, and only applies to Tetsuo, Kusanagi, Kaneda and S.A.C.!)

Nuff said.

Migrating to new site soon(ish)
Well, its about that time.

We’re officially looking at migrating to a new cart service/server.  We’ve more or less outgrown our little online shop here and its getting noticeably bulky and less navigable the more we add to it.

This will be a pretty large undertaking and will likely happen by mid-year, so i wouldnt start throwing around bets yet as far as any time before that.  Just know that its in our minds and being looked into.

The main issues this move will clear up is that, first and foremost, it will make things cleaner and more easily navigable overall, which is super.  Another super feature is that BTC is already incorporated into cart systems of the new places we’re looking into, so we’ll also be able to remove these clunky bloody BTC buttons that are everywhere, as well as accept a few other digital currencies without any added trouble.

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