-now added- Nearly Natural NAKEDPhoenix Down NAKEDTetsuo NAKEDStandAloneComplex NAKED B-12 brain spike options for each A twitter widget on the main site so we can more easily communicate <3


Bonjour Users, just a pop-in <3 B-12 Brain Spikes now available for:Phoenix DownRegenNooAlChoAlChoNooChoPolyrhachis solosAdrafinil solosS/Uni Duo/ChoS/Uni Duo/CDPSuni/ChoSuni/CDPUni/ChoUni/CDPColur/ChoColur/CDPandCDP solos As well as all currently available Naked Blends! 😀 More this week, including a new Brain Spike and the rest of the Naked Blend line! Stay tuned <3-t


Hello meat-creatures(meatures), I bet you lot thought we forgot, but if you thought that thought for naught, jot down this hot new stuff we got: (dot dot dot) anyway. After much ado i am pleased to announce the official launch of the VARIANT line: STANDALONECOMPLEX<(a Kusanagi variant) [per cap] Noopept-50mg Oxiracetam-500mg Piracetam-400mg Standalonecomplex is a…