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Hello meat-creatures(meatures),

I bet you lot thought we forgot, but if you thought that thought for naught, jot down this hot new stuff we got:

(dot dot dot)


After much ado i am pleased to announce the official launch of the VARIANT line:

STANDALONECOMPLEX<(a Kusanagi variant)
[per cap]
Standalonecomplex is a pure and clean racetam blend;  3 generations of the same evolving compound, branching and growing stronger with each fork, all different yet all of the same hive noot roots.
PHOENIXDOWN<(a Regen variant)
[per cap]
Phoenixdown is a nighttime/antianxiety blend featuring a quad crisis core of precursors
that refresh your reserves and elixirize your magical mindbrains.

revive yourself and fallen allies.*

*warning:  may kill the undead
KANEDA<(a Tetsuo variant)
[per cap]
Lions Mane-60mg
Kaneda is like Tetsuo without the stims;  Calmer and smoother, yet still to the point-  ACh, NGF, (hepato/neuro)protection, anti-oxidants, cog augs and more than twice the raw building material as Tetsuo via polyrhachis to jumpstart all your in-vivo synths and charge your laser batteries on the quick tip.
Its true, Kaneda isnt as powerful as Tetsuo, but we all know who eventually wins that race.

Expect a week or two of ‘fine-tuning’ for the variant production process, the chances of having to make non-dosage tweaks here and there are about 100%, so just be patient, theyll probably take a day or two extra to get out to you until we’re used to it <3

Variants are capped in the same color/style caps as their original base blends.

Also, the newly reformulated Nearly Natural, now with added Chaga & Reishi mushroom 20:1 extracts has, as of now, gone live.  Check the regular NN product details to view the additions effects.

[site headers and things will be updated when i get a chance, the current ones are very olde]

Also, over the next 2 weeks, the following reboots will be rolled out:
*Unifiram solos(10mg)
*Unifiram&Sunifiram duo blend(5mg/15mg)
*Phenibut solos(500mg)
*L-Tryptophan solos(500mg)
*VARIANT sample packs
*Reboot samplers
*Blend/Reboot Mega-samplers

Its still November-

-A man of my word, yes?


p.s. while im here:  ebay has been more aggressive than usual in regards to removing my Kusanagi/Sample packs due to them having Piracetam as an ingredient, and theyve now removed my listing privileges for 3 days as a warning, so expect to see less of it on there as its not worth the aggravation or the time it takes to deal with it;  just get it at the shop its cheaper anyway <3


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