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Now Available!

Bonjour Users, the shop is now updated <3

Now available:
‘Variant’ hi-dose blend sample packs
Phenibut (500mg) solos
L-Tryptophan (500mg) solos
Unifiram (10mg) solos
Polyrhachis (500mg) solos
Firam Duos(uni(5mg)+suni(15mg))

(Oxiracetam solos and Oxi/Cho caps later this month, we’re running low on oxi due to the increased volume S.A.C. requires, but we’re getting restocked fairly soon)

Also in the next week the Reboot Blast samplers should be ready, which will include roughly 2-5 days worth of 13 different compounds/duos, so you can all try a myriad of different chems without having to get a whole bottle of each and spending a few extra grand on it.  More info soon.

Also we’re putting together a proper menu because the shops getting less and less navigable the more compounds we add, so until we’re able to take the time to upgrade the whole shebang, this should help everyone a lot.  It will include an entire updated stocklist complete with pricing, like a take-out menu, in PDF format, that we can update as needed without too much trouble.

Im personally pretty proud of both of these things.


We currently have limited amounts of Phenylpiracetam, Coluracetam and IDRA-21 on hand right now to test out-  still pricey but i may put a couple bottles up in the shop after we try it out for a spell

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