blast sampler coluracetam reboot size 1 smaller caps update

quick update!

Hello all, just a quick pop-in to give some updates, i trust you all had(or are having) a fantabulous winterplunge.

Its been a really busy season so we havent had time to release the reboot blast sampler this week like we planned, but itll be available in the next couple of weeks for sure.

On top of that, we’re going to start carrying size ‘1’ caps as well, which is two full sizes smaller than the ’00’ size we currently use for everything.

These smaller caps will be used for noopept, the firams, coluracetam, adrafinil and pretty much anything with a dosage under the 400mg mark from then on out.

Less to carry, less to swallow, less to digest.  Simple.

Also were currently sold out of StandAloneComplex as were waiting on some Oxi to come in, once it does both S.A.C. and Oxi solos will be available again.  Variant sample packs are still available until we’re completely out.

Ok thats it for now, be well my beauties


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