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1 fl oz. bottle(590 drops) 
250mcg MB per drop
Dosage: 1-4 drops twice daily

Methylene Blue(MB) is the first fully synthesized drug ever used in medicine. It has been used for well over a century to treat malaria(a parasitic disease widely transferred via mosquito), due to its powerful antifungal/antimicrobial properties.
More recently it has been used to keep sensitive captive sealife healthy and free of disease/toxins, and as a dying agent used to identify both internal damage in the human body after surgery, and cells on microscope slides.

Even more recently it has been used to treat Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases at doses of 60mg(as the investigational drug ‘Rember’, with over 80% success rates in human trials), and in the microgram range(60mcg-1mg) as a nootropic specifically targeting the mitochondria within cells, allowing them to more easily generate/transfer energy within cells, as well as retain the suppleness of their membranes, giving MB additional neuroprotective properties.

MB has been seen to:

*Inhibit aggregation(bunching up and tangling) of Tau proteins(proteins that stabilize microtubules, or ‘inner cell scaffolding’ within a cells cytoplasm(inner cell goo); Tau protein tangling has been linked to Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative disorders)

*Enhance and maintain the function of mitochondria, which generate most of the bodies ATP(chemical energy created during metabolization), as well as regulate certain cell cycles, syntheses and respirations.

Each 1 oz. glass bottle of our MB comes with a dropper(also glass). Our solution will give you nearly 600(590 actually) drops at 250mcg(thats MICROgrams) per drop, with little to no degradation, which is a good thing as 1 bottle can easily last up to a year.

A single dose is 1-4 drops for nootropic/neuroprotective purposes 2 times daily, keeping in mind that MB’s toxicity is so low at these doses that the entire bottle may be drank at one time with no negative side effects(depending on whether or not you deem blue urine/excrement a negative).

Just drip a drop or few into your water bottle or other drink(you wont even taste it), watch the hypnotizing blue ribbons disperse, and drink for an added energy boost.
Contains Methylene Blue and distilled water, zero filler 
(Caution: It WILL stain everything it touches) 
At high and continuous doses, MB will turn the users urine blue; During WW2, soldiers had a saying: 
’Even at the loo, we see, we pee, navy blue.’

<3 (MB is an MAOI with a 5 hour bell-curve; Even though mcg doses dont generally interact to a meaningful degree, great care should still be taken when high-dosing MB with SSRIs) (CoQ10 inhibits the effects of MB, thus the two should not be taken together)