Introducing our new [Naked Blends]-

Capless versions of our most popular blends in pure powdered, pre-mixed form, ready to be remixed, tweaked, capped or dosed; At home or anywhere, and at a fraction of the price <3 All [Naked Blends] are freshly and thoroughly hand-mixed, then machine-blended, to ensure each and every dose is equally potent. They also come with measuring scoops <3 ------------------------------------- Each 950mg dose of STANDALONECOMPLEX contains: Noopept (50mg) Oxiracetam (500mg) Piracetam (400mg) (Dosage: 1-2g daily in one or two separate doses) StandAloneComplex Standalonecomplex is a pure and clean racetam blend; 3 generations of the same evolving compound, branching and growing stronger with each fork, all different yet all of the same noot roots. Dive into the deep end of the genecloud and hold on to yourself.