Each capsule contains:

Ashwagandha 20:1 extract- (100mg)

Lion’s Mane 20:1 extract- (100mg)

Rhodiola Rosea 20:1 extract- (100mg)

Schizandra Chinensis 20:1 extract- (100mg)

Chaga 20:1 extract- (100mg)

Reishi 20:1 extract- (100mg)

Bacopa Monnieri (50% Bacosides)- (130mg)

Milk Thistle (80% Silymarin)- (200mg)

Vinpocetine (20mg)

NEARLY NATURAL is a rich adaptogen cocktail thats 99% all-natural 20:1 herbal extracts, with the remaining 1% bringing in a full dose of Vinpocetine, a powerful cerebro-vasculating ester synthesized from periwinkle plant extract.

Heres a rundown of the stunning myriad of effects these adaptogens contain:

*Ashwagandha- Immunity Boosting/Neural Growth/Liver Protection

*Bacopa- Anti-Anxiety/Memory Enhancing/Focus Boosting

*Schizandra- Anti-Radiation/Anti-Fatigue/Liver Protection

*Rhodiola- Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Fatigue/Neural Protection

*Lion’s Mane- Neural Growth/Anti-Anxiety/Nerve Regeneration

*Milk Thistle- Liver+Adrenal Protection/Anti-Carcinogen+Radiant

*Reishi- Anti-Oxidant/Anti-Radiant/Anti-Viral/Organ-Cleansing

*Chaga- Anti-Oxidant+Radiant+Mutagenic/Tissue Regeneration/Superfood

Between these extracts are literally hundreds of active compounds working together in unison through many similar-yet-different channels to relieve cell/organ stress, boost and balance the various systems of the body, trigger NGF growth, lower cortisol levels, and act as potent antioxidants, all at once.

The added brainblood circulation induced by Vinpocetine increases compounds’ ability, within the bloodstream, to more easily navigate the microvessels of the brain, eyes, and the rest of the nervous system, allowing the extracts’ active constituents to reach farther into the system as a whole, saturating farther into nerve endpoints that rarely get the love they deserve.

(100mg of a 20:1 extract equals 2 grams of regular strength raw herb, giving Nearly Natural well over 12 grams worth of active ingredients, PER CAP)

Try to keep it natural-

-Well, nearly.

*B-12 brain spikes are an added 1mg of Methylcobalamin per cap, or roughly 10x the recommended minimal daily intake <3