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One of the oldest, and most well-studied Nootropics, and the base of every racetam(and ampakine) to exist since, Piracetam reduces levels of Lipofuscin in the brain and increases blood/oxygen flow/consumption by stimulating mitochondria and modulating ion channels, slowing its aging process and improving its overall health and function.

Lipofuscin is generally associated with age-based degenerative disorders, and is essentially cell plaque; pigments of leftover matter(mostly oxidized lipid, but also sugar and trace metals) floating in cytoplasm, undigested by Lysosomes, which dispose of waste from within cells. This suggests that Piracetam Promotes the health of these waste-disposal systems within mammalian cells.

I guess thats why they use it to treat everything from alzheimer’s and other neurological disorders, to high blood pressure, alcoholism, anxiety and even headaches.

It has zero toxicity, even at extremely high levels.

CDP(Cytidine DiPhosphate) Choline, also known as Citicoline, is a highly bioavailable choline-containing phospholipid Nootropic compound that dissociates in-vivo into the compounds Choline and Cytidine, the latter of which is then quickly converted into Uridine, one of the four basic components of RNA(Ribonucleic Acid).

The benefits of taking CDP compared to a lesser choline source is that it provides the body with enough raw choline along with cofactors for various (*)choline esters to both facilitate neurotransmitter production(via (*acetyl)choline) AND strengthen neuronal membrane integrity(via (*phosphatidyl)choline), by removing unnecessary steps in various cholinergic syntheses and keeping the body from cannibalizing one process for another due to limited available materials to work with.