TETSUO Nootropic Blend *Adrafinil *Noopept *ALCAR and more!



Each capsule contains:





Lion’s Mane 20:1 extract

Schizandra Chinensis 20:1 extract

Polyrhachis Vicina 20:1 extract


NALT(N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine)

(Dosage: Up to 3 caps per day as needed for added energy and increased cognitive ability)

Testuo is what you might expect it to be; complex and powerful.

It is formulated to be self-contained and stand alone; a one man army.

Every cap a delicate ecosystem; Adrafinil working alongside Noopept, fueled by Choline and ALCAR, and stabilized by NALT, Schizandra and Lions mane; all saturated in a complex protein matrix introduced by Polyrhachis(Chinese Black Mountain Ant) and pushed through a freshly protected bloodstream aggressively by Vinpocetine.

These various compounds’ effects are widespread and contain synergies aplenty. Choline and ALCAR produce a loop of amped-up acetylcholine production that fuels Noopept, which also helps keep it in the system. Schizandra protects the liver during Adrafinil metabolization, and along with NALT, relieves anxiety. Lions Mane triggers NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) production along with Noopept AND ALCAR, protecting and regenerating the users neurons, while Vinpocetine eases transportation of the immense levels of loose Amino acids in Polyrhachis, saturating the system and aiding in countless reactions along the way.

Its strong; ‘Neo-Tokyo is about to e*x*p*l*o*d*e’ strong.

Hang onto your motorbikes kids, for King Akira approaches.

*B-12 brain spikes are an added 1mg of Methylcobalamin per cap, or roughly 10x the recommended minimal daily intake <3