'Wild Citicoline appeared!' -and other collected short stories

Thursday, July 24, 2014 0 comments
[danger zone!]

Citicoline is here :D
Yep, CDP is in the building, and has been for a couple weeks you sly dogs you, where've you been?

Piracetam price drop <3
Because why not?  It just feels so good ;)

Ebay pulled Colur ;;
For some reason ebay has recently pulled all of our Coluracetam listings, i havent looked too far into it yet so im not sure if its a change in policy or just some new mod that doesnt know what theyre doing.  My guess is the latter but ill find out try to get it back up.  Or you could just get it at the shop for cheaper anyways!

BTC/Coinbase payments
BTC coinbase page added, merch orders should work now(coinbase changed policies and i wasnt notified that we had to verify and update our info, so i believe buttons have been disabled for an unknown length of time)

If there are still problems during the ordering process, please do let me know.

Darkbids o_o
Ive added a few listings to the new Darkcoin marketplace Darkbids.com

Its still a fledgling marketplace(and coin), but is solid and currently the only place that deals in Drk exclusively.  Currently only Tetsuo and Samplers are available, but if youd like to see more just drop us a request and we'll handle it rightquick.

Twitter account!
Im wondering if users think it would be beneficial for us to helm a twitterfeed so we're more accessible.  We've set one up @animalpharmone if anyones interested in seeing data cry(curious?), and im sure we'll end up using it eventually.

Local courier service?
We've been in talks with a local ground courier service about POSSIBLY adding a '24-hour' delivery option to customers in the Ventura, San Fernando and L.A. counties.  This will be a premium add-on service that in theory would probably be available a few select days per week, at least to start.  Will update if and when theres new info, but i just wanted to let you know that the ideas floating around.

If youre local and something like this would benefit you, put that twitter account to good use :)

Well thats it for storytime today folks and dolks, until next time;  get out there and be a bunch of smartasses.



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