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Monday, February 9, 2015 4 comments
Hello ladies and germs, just a quick pop-in to let everyone know where we are with new things!

Should be released into the wild next week, woot woot woooooooot

B-12(methylcobalamin) is here;  We've decided to drop Folic Acid as our B-9 source in preference of proper Methylfolate.  Its higher on the totem, requires fewer tiers of synthesis and will synergize with the methyl version of B-12 we have on hand much better.

Has been seized at customs, we're working on a jailbreak(aka filling out tons of illogical paperwork) <3

Is on its way, hopefully a couple weeks at most!

We're also testing some new stuff out, but i cant spill ALL the beans, now can I?

[Stay tuned, fun soon start now]


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