Heres some new minimal headers you glitterbugs.

The store should be restocked in the next few days, waiting on some Milk thistle to get here for a new Reboot dual-compound (Adrafinil+Milk Thistle), also waiting on some Bacopa Monnieri straight from India.

Still working on the recipe for ‘Cog Aug- Be Complex’
Check for known issues with Adrafinil and large B-vitamin intake.  Attempting to pack the blend with Pyritinol and Sulbutiamine, as well as Methylcobalamin(proper B-12) backed with folic acid(B-9), and concerned about overstimulation.  Tack on a hi-choline source(above bitartrate, CDP maybe?), at least one chinese herb(Bacopa) and Vinpocetine to up blood flow/neural firing, and to stabilize stress levels.

May need to either remove 1-2 compounds to keep cap size self-contained, or break it off into a 2-cap dose.

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