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Hello Pharmanauts, welcome (back?) to animalpharm.
Its been a few weeks since my last update, so heres the low-down, the high-up and the in-betweeners:

So we’ve moved just about everything into the shop now;  Noopept, Noopept/Choline, Adrafinil and Adrafinil/Milk Thistle Reboots, the original 3, Nearly Natural and sample packs.  Planning on putting out some more reboots since my chemical bullpen has grown over the last couple months, so look forward to some new concoctions pretty soon <3

(As of this post, ALL TETSUO orders will ship with the all-new, harder/better/faster/stronger formula.  This includes solo Tetsuo AND Sample Pack orders.  The pics will be changed by Tuesday night, and any renegade descriptions will be dealt with accordingly.)

Heres a code for an extra 5% off everything at the shop:  UPGRADEPARADE
(its good until the end of the month, so another week or so <3)

Shut up you!  We’ve just been really busy making up batches, i should really edit the ‘about us’ section to highlight what the ‘short order diner’ comparison really entails, but i’d say about 80% of all orders are made UPON ORDER; meaning you order, we get it, make it and ship it (usually the day after payment, sometimes the same day), the rest are extra buffer batches made to get ahead of the weekend and fill gaps, and are less than 2 days olde as well.  Animalpharms a living thing, and we’re in the kitchen A LOT.  If you message us about your order, we very well may be making said order as we’re reading your email; we keep it omnipresent.

Dont fret, for we are with you <3

I am so excited about the next blend, as it was one of the original ideas i had when i started animalpharm, but i didnt have the proper knowledge or experience to really put it into motion.  I cant say what it is yet, but i will say im getting a proper tablet pressing machine, and have been ‘wandering the wastes outside my vault’ a lot lately…..going tit for ‘tat’ with raiders.

Thats it thats all you get, and it should be enough 😉

It will probably use Sunifiram or Coluracetam as a base, and as such wont be available for a month or two still.  Theyre newer chems, and the phront line psychonauts and volunteer guinea pigs are still testing them en masse;  im getting my first test bit next week myself to try out.  It will also contain Methylene Blue, which will hopefully, aside from aiding in cell lucidity and neuroprotection, turn the users urine a brilliant, radiated bluishgreen.

Functional conceptualism, people  <3

Ah, im so excited about this one.

Along with the new blend concepts, we’ve been pushing outward and toying with newer ideas.  One of the longer term concepts i personally have a bit of the olde passion for, is the design of a custom, multi-stage administering device.  A device specially made to contain many different chems in a tight little space, and designed to ease the dosing by being able to take your caps, sublinguals, insufflates and liquids, and all in the way youre supposed to take them, instead of compromising for convenience by putting them all into caps, or carrying multiple bottle/containers.

The project has tentatively been named MINDFLARE <3

Even lesser versions of the concept are in the works, like a bottle of caps coming with a gram of loose powder of an acidic sublingual inside that would both lightly coat the caps within with a fairly pleasant tasting noot, and allow the user to, once done with the caps, get a few more powdered sublingual doses, or even fill the bottle with water and have an instant noot/energy drink at the end.

Just little additions that make sense and enhance the overall experience, using what we already have.

Ive really been meaning to update a lot on this site, it was put together rather quickly and is quite untuned.  I’ll be writing and adding a Nootropic Primer for you nootnoobs out there that will cover a lot of questions that i get asked, as well as our overall approach to the building and use of brain altering chems as a whole.  I’ll add a page for shipping as well since i’ve been getting more requests for international orders, as weve been getting a fair bit of european readers as well lately(welcome chaps and birds and whatnot <3).



Im very interested in carrying it, as most american/online sellers tend to sell it for 3-4 times the cost, which is bollucks.  I’ll mark it up a bit, but thats ridiculous and ghastly.  It should be available to everyone that wants to try it, and charging $130 for something you got for $30 is just scummy to me, even if its great business.

Its legal to buy and sell here in the states, but its unapproved by the FDA so no one carries it, while i know you can get it in some countries without a prescription of any kind.

Aside from that, the chemlist will be updated with a few more compounds, and we’re toying with the idea of offering up a premium custom-blending service in the future; as in, we whip up a take-out menu of stocked chems, priced by the gram, and you can peruse it and tell us exactly what you want in your own custom built blend, which, in true short order fashion, will then be made-to-order and shipped out to you next day.

Again these are brainstorms, and probably wont happen for a couple of months, just dropping some lucky pennies into the futureplans hat.  Know that even if we go a few weeks between posts, the gears are still cranking in full motion behind the scenes here at the Pharm. 😀

Feel free to contact us at will with any suggestions(for reboots you’d like to see, especially) or comments or rants or anything, really.

Thats it for now, remember to change up your firmware regularly to avoid dreaded burn-in <3


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