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Bloody, bloody FDA.

So at the end of June, amazon seemed to have pulled all trace of Phenibut, and ebay pulled, of all things, Piracetam.  Bulk is still down.

Kusanagi and our sample packs were both pulled, and although i put Kusanagi back up, who knows its future status.  They tend to be more aggressive towards the end of the month and im sure theres a reason for it im not aware of.

Now, Phenibut can be habit-forming if taken in really very large doses for days and days, so theres at least a semi-viable reason behind it(albeit a weak one), but Piracetam has pretty much zero serious documented side effects in its 40-some-odd-year lifespan, which leaves only pressure from the FDA to blame for its sudden disappearance.

I’m not particularly savvy on FDA protocols so i’ve been diving the FDA website/labyrinth and from what i can gather, their process is this:

1.  They come across a drug that people are consuming(thats not in their scheduled database).
2.  They announce that said drug is now being put through a series of rigorous lab tests and clinical trials to investigate it effects, giving it IND(Investigational New Drug) status.
3.  Since it is now officially an ‘unapproved investigational new drug’, it can no longer be sold until FDA trials complete and it passes an NDA(new drug application) review.
4.  Trials either take forever or never finish, which results in either keeping the drug in its legal limbo indefinitely(similar to whats happened with Adrafinil), or eventually marketing it as an expensive prescription med, most likely distributed by one of its unofficial brother-pharmaceutical companies.

That seems to be the general rule of thumb; cost and patent status are also high-tier variables, the testing time itself oftentimes being an on-the-sly incubation period for patentable analogues of the molecule/chem.

Anyway, mild frustration, venting in databits.
If you notice items popping on and off occasionally, thats probably why.

Onward then.

Oh Hey theres new stuff at the shop
We’ve got a couple brand new Reboots up:

ALCAR(Acetyl L-Carnitine) and Choline (500mg/450mg)
(Improves mitochondrial function, allowing cells to use energy sources(eg. fat/carbs) more easily, also leading to muscle toning.  High in Antioxidants, triggers NGF(nerve growth factor) production, synergistically increases acetylcholine(neurotransmitter) production.)

and more 😉

(coming in the next couple of days!)

Noopept, ALCAR and Choline (30mg/400mg/500mg)
(All the fantastic parts of our ALCAR+Choline reboot, with a thick dose of quick-acting Noopept(Piracetam peptide analogue) to both further increase NGF and decrease acetylcholine breakdown internally.)

(use coupon code UPGRADEPARADE during checkout for an extra 5% off, mhm)

Pretty Sticky
I recently pieced together some designs for a batch of stickers which came out pretty neat.  Whenever our stickerpaper supplier restocks, it looks really nice on a proper stock, we’ll be sending some out with every order so you can ruin your things with [animalpharm] junk!

heres one:

i heart you Motoko.

New compounds we’re looking into:
We just got a test batch of MB(Methylene Blue) that we’re playing with, and we’re still waiting on our test batch of Sunifiram to come in, but at some point expect these to be available, both in Reboots and Higher blends.

We’re also looking strongly into 4-AcO-DMT, or Psilacetin(a synthetic drug that metabolizes into Psilocin, an active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms), for a completely different kind of blend for us.  Most if not all noots being used tend to increase “left”-brain function, eg. calculations, reading, vocabulary, reaction times, etc., but the ‘noots’ that really affect the “right”-side, or creative side, of the brain is of course psychedelics, and ive been reading very very positive things from users dosing 4-AcO-DMT along with a few grams of Piracetam with incredible effects in terms of creative learning, such as playing instruments, drawing, and even absorbing languages easier, rather than focusing rather solely on essentially input sensory data-crunching, like this:

The theory of using analytical and emotional intellect in unison as a “full”-sided brain is to me, a very logical way to approach a closer definition of true intelligence, and i think as time goes on, mixing the two will become more and more commonplace as the importance of balancing becomes clearer.

Synchronicities arise between the curiosity and wonderment of children and their ability to absorb data much quicker than we, its pretty awesome.

Thats it for now, stay sharp you wonderful chaps and birdssssssssss

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