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Aniracetam is one of the first two(the other being Oxi) well-studied derivative-sprout branches of the protonoot, Piracetam.

Like other racetams, it has been seen to enhance brain metabolization and increase ATP/LTP production, as well as modulate AMPA/NMDA receptors, acetylcholine levels, and general communication of the brain’s hemispheres in a positive way.

A few noticeable characteristics that make Aniracetam stand out from its racetam brethren are:

1. Roughly 5-10x more potent than Piracetam
2. Calming, Anxiolytic(anti-anxiety) effects
3. Leans towards creativity-based forms of cognition and enhancing mood
4. Fat soluble(unlike other racetams), able to cross blood-brain barrier faster

It was first synthesized in Belgium in the 1970’s by the same pharmaceutical company responsible for producing the first synthetic vitamin C in the 30’s.