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Originally developed in Russia, Noopept is the most powerful analogue of the racetam family that exists (rated at 1000X the strength of Piracetam). Its effects include improving initial processing, consolidation, and retrieval of information, 
and enhancing cognition, memory and general sensory digestion.

-Roughly 500-1000 times more potent by weight than Piracetam

-Has been shown to produce NGF(nerve-growth factor), a protein that triggers adult stem cells in the brain to become neurons. 

-Works by preventing the degradation of acetylcholine, the information-processing neurotransmitter. 

-Has been shown to positively enhance:

Long-term memory 

Attentive rate (the rate at which you process the world around you) 

Energy level

Reasoning skills

CDP(Cytidine DiPhosphate) Choline, also known as Citicoline, is a highly bioavailable choline-containing phospholipid Nootropic compound that dissociates in-vivo into the compounds Choline and Cytidine, the latter of which is then quickly converted into Uridine, one of the four basic components of RNA(Ribonucleic Acid).

The benefits of taking CDP compared to a lesser choline source is that it provides the body with enough raw choline along with cofactors for various (*)choline esters to both facilitate neurotransmitter production(via (*acetyl)choline) AND strengthen neuronal membrane integrity(via (*phosphatidyl)choline), by removing unnecessary steps in various cholinergic syntheses and keeping the body from cannibalizing one process for another due to limited available materials to work with.