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Created in Japan and first registered in 2005, Coluracetam is a very new and very important entry in the world of noots.

It is, thus far, the only known HACU(high affinity choline uptake) enhancer; HACU is the rate-limiting step at which acetylcholine can be produced within neurons, and this rate-limiting enhancement literally overclocks the cholinergic system, like jumping a broadband cap.

It has AMPA-like effects, and has been seen to reduce excitotoxicity due to glutamate/calcium influx as well as negate many cholinergic neurotoxins, which suggests a use for the Alzheimers spectrum and general learning disabilities due to its ACh preservation.

Human anecdotal reports include increased short/medium-term memory & visual/audial acuity, as well as motivation, focus/awareness and mood boosts.
Once taken regularly for roughly 2 weeks, improvements have been seen to persist for up to 72 hours after the last dose taken.


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