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Royal Jelly is a milky white, highly nutritious honey bee secretion that is used to feed larval bees for the first 3 days of their lives. Bees that are fed Royal Jelly longer than those initial few days become Queen bees, who then continue to consume the delectable stuff exclusively for the rest of their lives, outliving her counterparts at a rate of ~10:1(workers/females) and ~30:1(drones/males).

Like any good superfood, it contains a myriad of constituents, including: Lipids(15-30%), dietary fatty acids(10-HDA, 3-12%), peptides(2-4 amino acid lengths, 27-41%), Royalactin(the essential ingredient for queen bee transformation), carbs(21-31%), trace minerals(including calcium, copper, iron, gallium, potassium, lithium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and strontium, 1.5%), acetylcholine, ATP, trace testosterone, b-vitamins(very high in B-5), parotein and gamma globulin.

Its effects include:
-Lowering triglyceride and lipoprotein levels(protecting the heart) -Increasing sperm motility/Libido
-Mildly augmenting testosterone AND estrogen production levels
-Enhancing bone mineralization rate
-Protecting the liver and strengthening the immune system
-Clearing the skin via added collagen production
-Stimulating glial and neural stem cells via 10-HDA(10-hydroxy-2-decanoic acid).

Here at [animalpharm], we use a potent 3:1 extract, meaning each 500mg cap is equal to 1.5 grams of fresh royal jelly, straight from the bees hypopharynx.

(Royal jelly is made by bees, who sustain themselves on pollen; If you are allergic to either, it is highly advised that you steer clear of R.J.)