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Sunifiram is a powerful AMPAkine(targets mainly AMPA(and possibly NMDA to a degree) receptors, 2 of 3 main subsets of glutamate receptors) and is a synthetically altered semi-derivative of the proto-noot, Piracetam.

Despite being a newer compound and having limited human research, preliminary reports have shown Sunifiram to postively effect LTP(long-term potentiation) levels in the hippocampus, which increases synaptic plasticity, long term, meaning it tunes synapses’ individual wavelengths to their neighbors when used, enhancing their signal transmission and pathways, leading to increased memory retention and perceptual sensory data absorption. It also aids in the release of acetylcholine in the prefrontal cortex up to 200%, and has been shown to increase sensitivity to stims(including caffeine and finils), making stacking them oftentimes unnecessary and undesirable.

Effects may include:

*Enhanced absorption of sensory data(vision, sound, taste, etc) 

*Increased dream quality/realism

*Increased memory consolidation/recall 

*A feeling of calm, focused energy 

*Potentiation; An increased sensitivity to noots/stims/psychedelics

It may be taken in caps, or may be dissolved in liquid with little degradation and taste-masking.


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