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Mother of pearl over here

Hey PharmAnimals, just a quick pop-in update while i have a chance.

First off, thanks so much for the support.  We’re stabilizing a bit, which means we may be able to carry more compounds soon, and buy larger quantities too, which is super and easier.

I busted my shoulder up pretty bad on Sunday so i was worried about getting behind on orders, but as of this post everything is in the mail, so you lot should get your prizes before the weekend.

As for product, i’m working on trying to keep adrafinil stocked as a permanent item since everyone loves it so much(dont worry so do i), and quite possibly the adrafinil/milk thistle blend.  One fine chap is looking into talking with a toxicologist that he knows to see if he can say for sure whether or not milk thistle affects adrafinils metabolic process.  If it doesnt, or he cant find any evidence that it does, adra/thistle will be a staple as well.

In the very near future(probably 2 weeks or so), a new (almost)all-natural reboot blend will be released called ‘Almost natural’.  it will contain:

Lion’s Mane (20:1 extract)
Schizandra Chinensis (20:1 extract)
Ashwagandha (6:1 extract)
Bacopa Monnieri (50% bacosides)

Yeah, Vinpocetines the odd-man-out here, but its only semi-synthetic and a derivative of periwinkle, so its close enough <3  I believe the added cerebral vascularity is a positive addition.  Also would like to include Rhodiola Rosea if space allows.

This is how it will launch, and probably a month or two down the road itll be re-evaluated and all the extract strengths that can be upgraded will be(ashwagandha, possibly bacopa).

I know you cats like it strong.

Other than that we’ve updated the chem info page a bit, little by little.  Trying to work out how to put all the info on such a limiting page, might just include links to wiki and examine to save space and keep things orderly.

Also when i have a sec i plan on looking into the olfactory system and how it works, if we can increase the growth of nerves and chemical flows, maybe we can make smell receptors stronger too, thatd be amazing.  Just a random thought to look into.

O.k. i’m rambling now, time to get some sleep.  Wish me luck on this battered shouldermeats.

Sleep well Psychonauts <3

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