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Oxi-Customs stickiness and Bitcoin(also more)

Good evening users, i hope youve all made good use of your weekends <3

Just some updates(that again, should probably just be put out onto the twittersphere, but here we are):

1.  We just got word that our Oxiracetam shipment got into port on Jan 28th, and is currently being detained by customs while they ‘randomly’ test it, and DHL can unfortunately give us no further info.  Its fairly irritating, but it happens.  Youll have more info when we do, if it goes much longer we may have to get a smaller buffer batch in the meantime.

2.  We are officially accepting Bitcoin as a viable payment option from here on out.

This decision is 3-fold:
a.  Transaction fees via the blockchain are much less expensive than paypal, yet they are just as quick/easy(imagine that).
b.  Its unregulated by governments and banks, and literally has no borders(to the user requesting an option for Pakistan due to its paypal ban, here you go).
c.  I personally believe in not only the conceptual logistics of the technology, but the philosophies that the bitcoin represents as a whole.

As a result of the lack of fees associated, youll notice that every single item in the store is also priced $0.50 cheaper if purchased via bitcoin, even the wee pouches;  Fantastique.

Effective now on all hi-dose blends, reboots available soon.

3.  Menu should be available soon, ive smushed it down into 7-8 pages, and its more easily read than before.  Nothing special but i know its later than expected, so just letting you know yep, its still coming, im just working on it when i get a sec here and there.

4.  CDP Choline(Citicoline) coming this month, possibly IDRA-21 also if the wired has amassed enough of a safety profile for it.

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