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Alright Freaks and Geeks

[The shuttlebrains ready for BLAST off]

All compounds in the blast sampler are individually packed/labelled, then are heatsealed into mylar pouches for transport.  Blastpacks include 5 caps each of 17 different compounds/blends(10 caps each for a large pack), a full dosing/class sheet and some stickers, to trick you into advertising for us while ruining other things.
A trojan has been detected!
As you can see below, each pack is classed and labelled too, mhm-
 -so it stays fresh until you pop it open
Check the full cap dosages right here
 Also, for completions sake theres an option to add a bottle of MB for $10, $7 off the normal price 😉
 [heres a pic of a small pack]
(someone call fry theres brains everywhere)


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