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Update Bridge-o-rama(making an appearance before being shooed back to the kitchen!)

Alright Brainycats(get it),

Back from another patented bi-monthly absence!

……Is finally here…….

Oxi(750+950), OxiCho and StandAloneComplex are once again available, as you may have noticed.  We have enough for the foreseeable future, but will be ordering more soon just in case customs decides to hold onto it for another month for shites and wiggles.

BTC options now added to Coluracetam, Methylene Blue, Noopept solos and sample packs(base and variants);  ask and you shall receive(they will continue to roll out when theres extra time, or if you have a specific request just shoot us a message)

Size 1 caps have now been fully integrated, and most every reboot compound with a dosage below 300mg will now come in size 1’s.

Heres the difference:

 (The left is size 00 while the right is size 1)
(the left one is opaque because it is post-transit)
 [good stuff good stuff]

-Wheres CDP/New Stuff?
Its coming, i know i keep saying it but its coming, this whole last month we’ve been fine-tuning things behind the scenes and making sure we can keep everything in stock(we have these incubation periods every few months).  We’ve also added another meat unit to the skeleton crew so we’re now able to deal with larger influxes of orders without everything getting gummed up down the order line(you may have noticed orders going out earlier the past few weeks), it was important for us to deal with this and a bunch of other little things that needed to be dealt with before moving on to gen 2 blends(which we are now working on <3).

Looking into new compounds now also so if youd like to see something in particular let us know and we’ll definitely look into it.

More updates in and on the near future, just figured id drop in with a little bridge post since its been so long <3

Until next time, future perfects.
Go solve some problems.

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