adrafinil ALCAR ashwagandha bacopa choline huperzine a lions mane methylene blue milk thistle nalt noopept oxiracetam phenibut piracetam rhodiola polyrhachis schizandra sunifiram unifiram vinpocetine

Itsall Partofthe Plaaaaaaan

Good Evening,
[its update time]

How are we all on this fine night?  We’re pretty shiny because we now have Oxiracetam in and available(only at the ebay store for a week or two, available in doses of both 750mg AND 950mg), which brings our compound count up to a smooth, even 20.

Le Roster is:

Lions Mane
Bacopa Monnieri
Milk Thistle
Schizandra Chinensis
Rhodiola Rosea
Polyrhachis Vicina
Huperzine A
Methylene Blue

Busy.  Busy busy.

For the next month or two, we’re going to be focusing on streamlining everything and making sure we can keep everything in stock pretty much at all times.  As this goes on, just about every applicable chem will get its own single-compound Re:Boot, so everyone can try everything on its own at a reasonable price.

(if you have a specific compound that you’d like to see Re:Booted first, shoot us an email or comment or whatever tickles your fancy, and we’ll try to get them out sooner)

After that, we’ll be looking to pick up some more noots, (yes coluracetams on the list, by then it’ll be a bit cheaper;  as well as CDP, aniracetam, and others i’ve mentioned)

Re:Boot sample packs
Yes, yes, they’re coming:

Huge sample packs(2 or 3 sizes, havent decided), that will contain a weeks worth of around 10 different compounds(possibly different mixes), will hopefully get these out by christmas(depends on how quickly we’re able to re:boot everything).  It’ll be completely perfect for nootnoobs that arent sure what to try and neurovets that want to broaden their stacks without having to drop tons of cash on chems theyve never tried.

Another radicool thing about stabilizing our chemstock is that we’ll finally be able to put out another hi-dose blend <3

We’re thinking Mentats might look something like this:
Methylene Blue(5mg)
Huperzine A(400mcg)

Its close, but needs another ingredient or two, and i havent done any balancing or crosschecking yet.  Anyways, itll be strong;  ive tried it a few times but it might need built-in choline(gave me a pressure headache, but memory was laser-burnt in for a few hours of studying, just needs some tweaking)

Lastly, at some point here in the near future we’re going to be releasing a couple of variants of Tetsuo and Kusanagi blends as well.  Someone specifically asked for a Tetsuo without Adrafinil, and another asked for a Kusanagi variant with a different dosed blend of racetams within.  These are great ideas, so those will probably be available in a few weeks(it will most likely be a code to enter, rather than a separate listing, which will allow us to take more requests).  The eventual endgoal of this would be, of course, allowing you to build your own caps from scratch, like a pizza.(if anyone is capable of writing the code or pointing me towards something that could do this in a user friendly way, that would be sweet of you, you sweetheart you)

thats it for now, gotta go pop some caps and cap some chems <3

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